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41 years old

Emma Sheridan
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Hannah March
26 years old
About Me

From when I was about 5 years old I did the typical riding school lessons and then working at my local riding schools, where they focused mainly on Eventing. I competed in this discipline for a few years on "Rex" a Thoroughbred straight off the track, I trained him up the levels but sold him after I discovered Dressage, which is where my true passion lies. I purchased a beautiful warmblood mare named 'Let's Charm' to persue my passion, who has since produced for me two beautiful purpose bred Dressage Diva's named 'Tequila Rose' and 'Alizé Black'.

The riding club has given me a fantastic opportunity to expose Tequila (pictured) to the big wide world in a fun relaxed environment, our first day at the riding club was only about her 10th ride into the breaking process!
I plan on exposing Alizé the same way once I begin to break her in, it is such a brilliant way to introduce them to the outside world before throwing them in the deep end at a competition!

Mel N
47 years old
About Me

I started riding at the age of 12 until I went to uni after which I had a 13 year break. I worked and lived on a riding school for a few years and now live on a large cattle property near Stroud. I've had my boy Zephyr, a 6 year old Friesian Warmblood, since he was a yearling and we are learning lots together. I love dressage and am really keen to do working equitation. Hubby and I also do some medieval and napoleonic reenactment.

Karen Richardson
About Me

I am currently completing a MSc(Equine Science) and work as an Equine Nutrition Consultant for performance and pleasure horses. I don't nearly ride my WB, Uri, enough but when I do I focus on dressage. I would like to learn more about Working Equitation.